Our Impact

Today, CARES is the recognized national leader in the recruitment, training, and engagement of black mentors. Our programs address the severe shortfall of Black mentors nationally. We are sought after by hundreds of organizations that need committed volunteers.

Our place-based efforts ensure that disconnected youngsters, who are most at risk of dropping out of school, graduate and are prepared to succeed in college or industrial-training programs and 21st-century careers. CARES proves that all children, given love and adequate support, can thrive and become caring contributors to their families and communities.

National Results

  • Number of mentors recruited since CARES began: 140,000+
  • Average number of volunteer hours served by CARES leaders and program mentors annually: 500,000+
  • Number of young people served since CARES began: 200,000+
  • Average number of mentors trained by CARES annually: 2,000+
  • Average number of children served by The Rising programs annually: 7,000
  • Percentage of CARES mentees who are living below the poverty line: 98
  • Percentage of CARES mentees who feel more engaged in school because of our programming: 86
  • Percentage of CARES mentees who feel more confident they can succeed
    academically because of our programming: 94
  • Average national mentor-retention rate percentage: 50
  • Average CARES mentor-retention rate percentage: 90