about Seattle CARES


Seattle CARES is part of a national network recognized as a leader in the recruitment, training and engagement of Black mentors. Our programs address the severe shortfall of Black mentors and we are sought after by organizations that look to us for desperately needed and committed volunteers.

The national network operates in 58 U.S. cities,recuiting caring volunteers and connecting them to where they are urgently needed: schools, local youth-serving organizations, detention centers and reentry programs in severely under-resourced communities disrupted by poverty,and violence.

Seattle CARES has four core practices:

  • We listen to the community. Seattle CARES has established a board and advisory committee comprised of experts across multiple fields, including parents, community leaders and educators.
  • We meet people where they are. The Seattle CARES team meets Black families where they are: civic events, festivals, faith communities, Black fraternal organizations and by networking with professionals in the tech sector, academic, government and social service agencies.
  • We work with influencers. We ran a pastor-led campaign called Mentor Sundays that presented the power of mentoring in 10 churches throughout Seattle. During the five-month campaign, we reached hundreds of families and recruited 60 Black men.
  • We provide ongoing support. Our monthly Wellness Mentoring Circles allow mentors to meet with their peers and talk through challenges and effective strategies. In Positive Family Connections, we offer support circles just for women who are mothers or guardians of Black middle-school students. These ongoing support mechanisms create deeper and more trusting relationships for everyone involved in this critical work.