Our Best mentors

Our Best

Our Best: Black Male Achievement Mentoring Campaign identifies and recruits motivated Black male adults to mentor young men of color, powerfully and positively changing lives for the future. Support to launch the program was provided by the City of Seattle and backed by a network of community mentoring organizations.

How it works

Our Best recruits caring, interested and motivated Black adults and trains them as mentors, using culturally anchored, trauma-informed curriculum. Research shows that mentors play a huge role in providing young people with the tools they need to make responsible decisions, stay in school, and reduce or avoid risky behavior.

After receiving the Our Best training, mentors return to the community to share what they have learned with young men of color, serving as tutors, role models and a source of inspiration.

Want to learn more? Join us at an orientation session.

A game-changing approach

This program goes beyond by providing our mentors with monthly Wellness Mentoring Circles. In the Circle, a CARES-trained facilitator provides a compassionate environment for mentors who may be undergoing personal or professional pressures. Mentors learn to manage stress, share concerns, and move toward living more balanced, healthy and joyful lives.

Wellness Mentoring Circles are a game-changing approach to support adults who choose to tackle the challenging yet rewarding assignment of mentoring youth.

Our Circles are now virtual! Learn more here.