The Rising program

the rising for boys

The Rising is our signature program, designed to prepare youth from high-poverty families to succeed in school and life. The group mentoring program is gender-specific, helping to transform the lives of boys and young men in area middle schools.

We are currently working with young scholars at two Seattle middle schools: Meany and Denny International. Programming is delivered by CARES-trained facilitators, mentors and professionals. We have a separate program for girls; learn more here.

Now online

As our community and state struggle to contain COVID-19 cases, The Rising for Boys is offered online only, supported by our school partners. By engaging with students remotely, we can continue to inspire and encourage our young scholars.

For families without laptops, computers or internet service, our community partners may be able to assist. We also partner with public agencies and community organizations to provide students and their families with help to overcome food and housing insecurities.

A positive impact

The Rising works with boys from under-resourced families, helping to instill the determination and critical thinking skills they need to avoid painful, predicable futures. A recent Seattle study, conducted in 2020, showed 92 percent of young men who participated in The Rising had increased self-confidence. Racial identity and racial pride also improved as did social and emotional intelligence.

The importance of mentoring

Watch this video to hear what Black youth, some in foster care, say about the importance of mentoring.

Parent/Guardian Permission Form

The Rising Program engages with students using Zoom video conferencing and/or Microsoft Teams. Video conferencing software allows CARES-trained facilitators, mentors and professionals to personally lead The Rising weekly sessions on the internet. Your child can access these sessions on a cellphone, tablet or computer.

This allows students to continue to interact with mentors during the current pandemic. Participation in remote meetings is not required. However, the RISING Program is strongly encouraging for your child to participate.

By completing the form below, you (the parent/guardian) give your child permission to access Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams video conferencing, either on a school device or a personal device, to communicate and participate in The RISING Mentoring Program’s group Wellness Mentoring Circles.

  • By selecting the "Yes" checkbox you are signing this agreement electronically.
  • I also give permission for a portion of my students recordings and or picture to beshared on social media or for promotional purposes.
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