Susan L. Taylor leads national campaign to recruit mentors for vulnerable youth.

On Wednesday, March 26, 2008, there was an exciting and successful launch of Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement.

Susan L. Taylor and Thomas Dortch came to Seattle’s Gates Auditorium located in Seattle’s Public Library. We were able to bring elected officials which included our LT Governor, Brad Owen, Councilman Larry Gossett and several representatives from across of the city and state.

The 4C Coalition is the lead agency for this campaign with National CARES and Seattle CARES in partnership with several local affiliates: A. Philip Randolph Institute, CASA, DSHS, M. L. King County Labor Unions, Seattle Urban League, Washington State Mentors, and The Links Inc.

Community leaders supporting the effort include Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, Councilman Larry Gossett, Rev. Steve E. Baber, other clergies, and mentoring programs.

On June 3, 2008, the first Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement Steering Committee met to begin building the mentoring movement. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the mentoring movement and the role of the steering committee. Prior to this meeting, we convened a planning group that helped to shape the meeting to mobilize African American men and women who are committed to mentoring young people and pair them with mentoring organizations desperately needing to increase their pool of mentors.  The beneficiaries of this will be youngsters who are losing ground to the ills that threaten their future. There were many in the room and we were encouraged by the participation in the call to action.

  • County Councilman Gossett added much support, advice, and guidance, and facilitated the first SCMM Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Local organizations and affiliates that joined and endorsed the mentoring movement included: The 4C Coalition in partnership with local affiliates; A. Philip Randolph Institute; CASA; Casey Family Programs; DSHS; King County; King County Superior Court; The Links Inc.; M. L. King County Labor Unions Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle; United Way; and Washington State Mentors. Elected Officials supporting the effort are Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen and Councilman Larry Gossett.
  • On July 5, 2008, Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement hosted its first mentor Recruitment Rally at the Skyway United Methodist Church. Susan Taylor returned to Seattle to help kick off this historic first. The goal was to recruit prospective mentors for youth ages 6-18 at high risk of forfeiting their futures to school failure and dropping out, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drugs, gang involvement, violence, incapacitating injury or death, and civil death by incarceration.
  • The rally offered prospective mentors an opportunity to meet representatives of several mentoring organizations in King County to learn about their programs and the youth they serve. Mentoring program representatives walked prospective mentors through the application process and scheduled mentor training on the spot to meet the urgent need for mentors.
  • Pro-bono attorney’s, Walter Impert and Sherman Snow, with Dorsey Whitney, applied for the SCMM 501 application received our EIN in 2009 and in 2010 SCMM became a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization.
  • Walter Impert was on the board of Washington State Mentors, where Hazel Cameron served as a board member. As Chair and Co-chair/President of the Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement (SCMM), Hazel Cameron and Donald Cameron act as the leader ‘s of the local organization, helping to put in place its infrastructure and the procedures needed to make SCMM effective and sustainable.
  • The Chair and Co-chair work with the NCMM office to set organizational policy. The Chairs are leading the Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement’s efforts to change a nation by recruiting caring black adults to become mentors to vulnerable youth. For over a decade, Mr. Cameron served as Sales and Marketing with McKinstry Company. Hazel Cameron has been involved in mentoring for over 18 years. Both chair and co-chair have dedicated over 3000 volunteer hours to build the Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement.