Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Liberated Village creates positive school environments for students

Seattle CARES is one of 30 community organizations participating in The Liberated Village, working together to implement innovative, anti-racist, trauma-informed and restorative practices across 55 schools in 10 school districts.

The Liberated Village brings together students, families, teachers, school districts, community-based organizations and local government. To keep everyone engaged and informed, a new website created by and for Black, Indigenous and people of color, was launched this fall.

“It’s the idea that it takes a village, working as one, to help children and youth succeed,” said Don Cameron, executive director of Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement.

The partnerships are driving transformative change and helping dismantle inequity in the schools. By implementing practices that promote community-centered solutions,  Seattle CARES and the other partners can address the impact of racial trauma and systemic racism on our community. The Liberated Village is sponsored by King County’s Best Starts for Kids.