Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Mentor Spotlight: Jeff Forge

Jeff Forge always enjoyed working with kids so becoming a mentor with Seattle CARES seemed a natural next step.

Jeff grew up in New York City and attended the University of Wisconsin on a football scholarship, graduating with a B.S. in child and family studies. He earned a second degree in computer science and lunar and planetary science at the University of Arizona. Along the way, he was a Montessori preschool teacher, a middle school math teacher, and most recently, for the past 20 years, a software engineer.

Recently, we asked Jeff to tell us more about mentoring and what it means to him.

Why did you become a mentor?

Mentoring is important work. Even though I have my own kids, I feel that as a community, the success and well-being of all children is the responsibility of all of us. When I came across the opportunity to participate with Seattle CARES, I jumped at the chance.

What do you like most about mentoring? 

I enjoy getting to know both the students and the other mentors.

Was mentoring important to you growing up?

When I look back on my youth and my time in both athletics and academics, what stands out for me are the mentors and the people who guided me along the way.

Describe being a mentor in three words.

Committed, humble, consistent.

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