Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Voices for Change lecture series brings in top local and national speakers

In January, Seattle CARES inaugurated a new webinar series called “Voices for Change.” For the next six month, speakers from around the nation shared their wisdom and expertise. Each virtual presentation drew more than 50 people.

“Voices for Change” augments one of Seattle CARES’ signature programs — Wellness Community Circles — which helps Black families, particularly those led by single women, improve their relationship with their children and learn how to create a better life. The series was supported by King County’s Positive Family Connections.

In January, the kick-off speaker was Fonda Bryant, right, a nationally recognized expert on mental health and recovery. Her presentation was so popular that she offered a second webinar in February about suicide and how to spot its warning signs.

In March, speaker Rick DuPree introduced his fascinating new documentary, “Seattle Black Panthers Fight for Justice and Freedom,” which will premiere later this year. The film was directed and produced by DuPree, and produced as well by his son Marques and Seattle Black Panthers Aaron and Elmer Dixon.

April’s presentation focused on “Voter Suppression, Bloody Sunday and the Continued Fight for Voting Rights,” given by Dr. Terry Anne Scott, an historian and author. Scott explored what is going on with voter suppression currently and offered tips on what we can do to create change.

Sabrina Lamb, left, founder and CEO of, shared her financial wisdom in a presentation entitled “Developing Financial Results, One Person at a Time.”  During the webinar, attendees learned more about the power of money, how to use money wisely, and how to become more engaged in their financial future.

The last speaker of the season is Chris Latson, whose June 28 presentation will help parents bridge the generational gap by explaining parenting in the real world. Latson has 14 years’ experience in coaching and mentoring. He is the CEO and founder of Communities Honoring Active Male Parenting (C.H.A.M.P.) and has worked with Atlanta CARES Mentoring Movement since 2016.