Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Keeping communities safe

On Sept. 23, Seattle CARES delivered 50 boxes of hand sanitizer to the loading docks at Denny International and Meany middle schools. Some 800 bottles of sanitizer were distributed to students that day.

These schools are the current location of Seattle CARES’ The Rising Program. This fall, The Rising welcomed its second cohort of 80 students and families.

The program works with boys and girls from under-resourced families, helping to instill the determination and critical thinking skills they need to avoid  predicable futures.  A study conducted in Seattle last year showed 92 percent of students who participated in The Rising had increased self-confidence. Racial identity and racial pride also improved as did social and emotional intelligence.

“We wanted to make a contribution to help keep people safe,” said Seattle CARES Executive Director Don Cameron. “Hand sanitizers, along with washing hands and wearing masks, are proven to do that.”