Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Rising scholars discuss “The Why”

Every June, the Seattle CARES team assesses how well the program performed during the school year and how much progress the students are making. The students also get to comment, providing their own evaluations as they answer three important questions:  Why are you here? What does The Rising mean to you? What do you hope to gain?

Here are some of their comments, edited for clarity and length.

The Rising means that I will learn how to grow up and become stronger. I come here to learn. What I hope to gain is friends.  Noble, Denny International Middle School

The Rising means getting to the top because I want to go to the next level because it seems fun and empowering. I want to be happy and more popular and learn more. I want to be proud of my ethnicity and my culture. – Boryad, Meany Middle School

To me, The Rising means that people are here to see us rise up. I am here because you guys help me and my mom with money for food.  I hope to be the best I can be. – Isaiah, Denny International

I am here because I want to learn more about change in the world. It is good because we learn about our Black heroes. – Eyosias, Meany

The Rising is a community that helps us. I am here because my brother attended earlier and he thought it would be good for me. He said it is nice and he was not lying. They give us food and gift cards, and they help us out a lot.  – Yunis, Denny International

 I like being in this group because it’s fun. I really like the super hero project and I want to get leadership skills. I will stop playing around in this class and will take it seriously.  I will share my work and listen. – Kyle, Meany

 I am here because my mom signed me up and because my brother was there.  My brother and I are gaining knowledge about the Black community.  I hope to gain respect, kindness and love. – Houd, Denny International