Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

The Rising for Girls completes first year

Seattle CARES just completed a full school year of The Rising for Girls at both Meany and Denny International middle schools.

The program was tested last year as a pilot project at Denny only and it was held virtually because of the pandemic. Last September, we launched the girls-only option at both schools in person and enrolled 38 girls – 19 at each school.

“Once school leaders saw the positive effects from The Rising for Boys, we were asked repeatedly to inaugurate a girls-only Rising,” said Don Cameron, executive director, Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement. “The Rising for Girls addresses the specific needs that young women face in today’s challenging world.”

The Rising for Girls is customized to enhance their cultural pride and self-esteem while developing their critical thinking and literacy skills. Women facilitators and mentors, such as Ronnae Redmond, were recruited to work in a group setting.

“Based on the program’s success, we are looking forward to continuing The Rising for Girls in the upcoming school year,” said Cameron.