Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Positive Family Connections offers healing space for parents and guardians

Being a single parent or guardian is incredibly difficult work, yet there are few outlets available where parents can learn how to move beyond stress and disappointment and embrace hope, support and the promise of a better future.

To fill this gap, Seattle CARES offers Positive Family Connections, a program for parents that grew out of The Rising, an innovative trauma-informed curriculum for middle-school students.

Positive Family Connections has two goals: To improve the relationship Black youth have with their parents or guardians, and to provide a safe space where adults who want to be more effective parents can de-stress, share problems and work on healing themselves.

As with our other programs, Wellness Healing Circles are a game-changer. In these sessions, CARES-trained facilitators focus on what makes a healthy quality life, emphasizing parenting, conflict-resolution and empowerment skills.

Most of the parents are saddled with other worries: Maybe they can’t pay the cellphone bill or afford groceries. Our facilitators are connected to community partners who may be able to provide rental assistance and gift cards to be used for food as well as internet service and WiFi connections.

This spring, to keep the community safe, Positive Family Collections went virtual. The video conferencing software allows facilitators and mentors to personally lead sessions online. The online format offers consistency and a safe place to share hopes and dreams, work through solutions and start the healing process.