Positive Family Connections

positive family connections

Positive Family Connections helps bolster Black families — particularly those led by single women — in two ways: by focusing on improving the relationship Black youth have with their parents or guardians, and by providing a safe space where adults who want to parent more effectively can de-stress, share challenges and work on healing themselves.

How it works

Being a single parent or guardian is incredibly difficult work, yet there are few available outlets where parents can learn how to move beyond stress and disappointment and embrace hope, support and the promise of a better future. Our weekly Wellness Healing Circles, part of Positive Family Connections, provide that healing space.

We focus on teaching the building blocks that make up a healthy quality life, emphasizing parenting, conflict-resolution and empowerment skills. Our facilitators also connect vulnerable adults to vital community resources to alleviate food and housing insecurities, schedule health care or provide computers or other tech assistance.

Sharing hopes and dreams

As with our other programs, Positive Family Collections is now available online. These small gatherings offer consistency and a safe place for mothers and guardians to share hopes and dreams, offer emotional support and work through solutions.These sole-gender, caring, small group spaces are led by a trained facilitator, usually a Black woman who is a parent herself.


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